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Sarcopenia - Prevention & treatment Guideline development project

The aim of the Sarcopenia – Prevention & treatment Guideline development project is to translate the actual scientific body of knowledge regarding Sarcopenia into a practice guideline which fits the Belgian context (e.g. availability of different services for older people or reimbursement of screening tests). The project started in September 2014. The estimated development time is 24 months.

In a first phase, a scope statement was developed by a Scoping group, defining what the guideline “Sarcopenia - prevention and treatment” will (and will not) examine, and what the guideline developers will consider. This first phase has been finalized in December 2014 and the scope statement can be found here.

In a second phase, a summary of evidence for the key issues that are formulated in the scope statement, will be provided by several Focus groups. These groups consist of people with a comprehensive scientific and/or clinical expertise in a specific subfield of sarcopenia. A Focus group should consist at least of 1 clinical and 1 scientific expert. Other experts may be involved as well. The summary of the evidence that will be generated by the members of the Focus groups will be used by the Guideline Development Group to develop the recommendations.

The Guideline Development Group is the Scoping Group added with the clinical and scientific experts of the focus groups. Possibly, other experts in the field may be invited to the Guideline Development Group meetings, depending on the subject that is handled. The Guideline Development group will provide feedback to the focus groups and will formulate recommendations, based on the summary of evidence that is provided by the focus groups.

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